The offices of elder and deacon are given to Christ’s church in order to provide oversight and leadership for local congregations. The leadership of CPC seeks to serve the Lord by caring for his flock at Cherokee. The Lord has called our officers to use their gifts to further His kingdom, and CPC is blessed by their service.

Meet Our Ruling Elders

Daryl is a founding member of CPC, and has served the church as an elder for 30 years.  He continues to operate his own business, and is blessed in his marriage to his wife, Lynette. Together they have 10 children and 15 grandchildren. Daryl is actively engaged in many ministries at Cherokee including the Praise Team and the Fellowship Events Team.
  Jim has served on the session at Cherokee since 2007. He is presently employed at the Centers for Disease Control, and is blessed in his marriage to his wife, Karla. They have 2 adult children and 5
grandchildren who are all members at CPC.  Jim is actively involved in leading worship, serving on the Candidates and Credentials committee in the NW GA Presbytery, attending prayer meetings, and is involved in the Canton Community Group.
  Troy has served on the session since 2007. He has a thriving practice as a Christian Counselor at Paraclete Counseling Center. He and his wife, Beth, are blessed to be raising 3 children, Calvin, Zachary, and Emily. Troy serves by leading worship, men’s Bible studies, and the Youth Group.
  Chuck was ordained as a ruling elder in 2013. He is currently employed in the information technology industry. Chuck and his wife, Lynda, are blessed to have 2 adult children and 1 grandchild. Chuck is active in several ministries including the Praise Team, the Missions Team, Community Outreach Ministries, Bible studies, and the Woodstock Community Group.
  Jimmy was ordained as a ruling elder in 2013. He teaches Middle and High School Bible classes at Covenant Christian Academy in Cumming. Jimmy and his wife, Amber, are raising two sons, James and Jackson. Jimmy serves CPC as he regularly teaches adult Sunday School, leads in the Elderly Outreach Ministry, and acts as the Clerk of Session.

Meet Our Deacons

Jerry Brewer

                Jerry has faithfully served as a deacon at CPC for over 20 years.  Jerry is a retiree from the Norfolk Southern Railway, and his faithful service as Chairman of the Diaconate has been a great blessing to our congregation.  Jerry and his wife, Ruthie, have 3 adult children, and are actively involved in the Elderberries group and many other ministries of the church.


John Dillingham

                John’s service as deacon has been a blessing to the church in many ways including his dedication to serve on the Missions Team.  He is also currently employed as a Registered Nurse at Emory Hospital.  John and his wife, Betty Jo, are plugged into many     ministries and especially enjoy attending various Bible studies and prayer meetings.


Travis Hanenburg

                Travis fills many roles in his service as deacon including his leadership of the youth group.  Travis teaches at Cherokee Christian Schools, and applies his wide ranging skills as he serves CPC.  Travis and Amy have 4 children, and continue to serve the church as a family.  


Phil Guhl

                Phil and his wife, Debra, are very devoted to serving the Lord in the Emeritus Ministry.  Phil also serves CPC in many other capacities, and his upbeat attitude and constant energy are a blessing to our congregation.  When not serving CPC, Phil works as an     engineer for AT&T.


Taylor Robertson

                Taylor has served on the Diaconate since 2010.  His service as a deacon includes working with the Technology Team to run the soundboard during worship.  Taylor works with electronics design, and serves our congregation and the surrounding community in many ways.


Roger Ruppert

                Roger has served as a deacon at CPC since 2002.  He and his wife, Linda, have 5 adult children and 11 grandchildren.  Roger works for AT&T as a Technical Support Manager, and has been involved in several ministries at CPC.  He is involved with the Scout     program, Tech Team, Praise Team, and manages the church budget.  Roger has also led Dave Ramsey seminars at CPC in addition to his other areas of service.


Eric Strevel

                        Eric is involved in several ministries at CPC.  He and Sharon are parents of 3 college-age children.  We are blessed by Eric’s involvement with the Tech Team in addition to his other areas of service.


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