Sunday School:

We offer Sunday School classes for all ages from 9:15-10:00 each Lord’s Day.  The nursery is also available for infants and toddlers.  Children’s classes meet in the upstairs classrooms while the adults meet in the office building.


Our Worship Service:

Worship is much more than singing songs or hearing a sermon. It’s God calling us into his presence, into his very throne room in heaven, to declare our sins forgiven through Christ, to embrace us as his people, and to give us hearts that love him. To this, we respond with songs of praise, prayers, and declarations that he alone is our God, and Christ alone is our salvation. God speaks. We respond.

If you look, you’ll see this dynamic present in every part of our worship service. In our call to worship, God calls us into his presence. In the assurance of pardon, God declares our sin forgiven through Jesus’ death. In the sermon, he speaks to us as his people with words that transform. In the Lord’s Supper, he gives us a taste of the wedding feast to come. In the benediction, God recommits himself to be our God and to bless us with every spiritual blessing in Christ. To all of this, we respond with songs, prayers, and declarations of what we believe. This is worship.

God calls, God forgives, God commits, and we respond with the new hearts he’s given us in Christ.

Another dynamic in our worship service is our connection with the church that’s gone before us. You see this in the historic hymns we sing and in the creeds we read together. We do this, not because “older is better,” but because when we worship we’re joining our voices to the voice of the church as it has praised him for centuries.

In all our worship, we want God to be glorified, Christ to be proclaimed, and the church to be built up with all the tools God has given us for this purpose.

The Lord’s Supper:

The Lord’s Supper is a meal Jesus gives his church as a perpetual reminder that our salvation came at a great cost, but that he has paid that cost in full through his own body and blood. As we eat it by faith in Christ, this meal is also a tool he uses to strengthen our faith, to subdue our sin, and to give us a foretaste of the wedding banquet to come.

Jesus gives this meal to all who trust in him alone for salvation, who have professed faith in him to a gospel-proclaiming church, and who seek to submit their lives to him. As the plates are passed, please spend a moment in prayer to examine yourself and to meditate on the salvation Jesus has purchased with his body and his blood.

Our Children in Worship:

At Cherokee, we believe that our children are just as much a part of the church body as the adults. This means that we encourage children to participate in the worship service as much as they reasonably can. For children up to age 4, a nursery is provided in the lobby.

Community Groups:

Every 2nd and 4th Sunday evenings we meet in Community Groups. These groups are located in members' homes in the following locations: Canton, Woodstock, and Holly Springs. Please contact the church office for specific meeting times and places.  



Youth Ministry:

Families with middle school and high school aged youth are encouraged to attend our Youth Ministry on the 1st and 3rd Sunday evenings at 5pm.  The group meets at church in the Office Building.  The youth enjoy a time of food and fellowship as well as a time of Bible study.  The middle school and high school groups separate for a time of discussion from the Bible study and rejoin for fellowship time. The Youth Ministry also schedules service activities and social outings on a regular basis.

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