Currently Live Streaming  and In Person with Guidelines.

Covid-19 Worship Update

  • In-person worship is continuing for those who are able to attend. All other ministries will continue virtually for the time being.
  • We do ask that all who attend worship keep 6 feet of distance from others, and we do strongly encourage attenders to wear masks as a service to the higher risk among us
  • While so many PCA churches are still unable to meet in person, we're thankful to be able to do so at CPC!

Covid-19 and Nursery

We know that this is a difficult time for parents with nursery age children. For safety reasons we are unable to provide nursery workers. However, we have two rooms available for parents to use 1) The Nursery is "self-service" and you can utilize it as needed throughout the service. The nursery has speakers that allow you to hear the sermon. 2) There is a cry-room immediately to the right of the sanctuary with one-way glass to be able to view the service with your child.

Welcome to Cherokee

We're a family that has been drawn together through the gospel.  Now, God is helping us to worship him, to love each other, and serve the community around us as he has already served us in Christ.

Service Times


Sunday School



1st and 3rd Sundays

 5:00 Childrens and Youth Groups

2nd and 4th 

5:00 Community Groups

Latest Sermon

We preach through books of the Bible, passage by passage, to hear God's words explained and applied to our hearts.  We believe God's word is true, reliable, and more relevant to our lives than we could imagine.