Family Worship

November 03, 2022

Sometimes we live life unhelpfully in extremes. One example can be seen with the family. Many either neglect the family, or they turn it into an idol. The Scriptures give a proper perspective. It stresses the importance of the family, but not over or against the Lord. Instead, the family provides a nursery where faith in Christ can be cultivated. One way this is to happen is through family worship. Deut. 6:4-9 emphasizes the necessity of passing on the faith from one generation to another. Parents are to teach their children diligently. A helpful way of doing this is through regular family worship. Even when the kids are gone and out of the house, consistent time in the Word and prayer can strength home life, foster godliness, and encourage greater love for Christ. Here’s a thoughtful article on the subject. –Pastor Clif