July 06, 2023


Cornucopia is one of those words rarely used but perhaps should be more often. It literally means ‘horn of abundance.’ However, it is typically employed when speaking of ‘the overflowing of good things.’ And it is an apt word to describe CPC right now. We have a cornucopia of blessings. How so? Lots could be said to answer that question, but here’s a few.

Officer Nominations

Over the last three weeks we have been in a season of officer nominations, which will close July 9th. We have had a number of men identified by the church as possible candidates. That’s a good thing. Faithful leaders are a blessing from the Lord. We have them and we are seeking more. What comes after that is the long process of vetting and training. Please be in prayer for your current elders and deacons, as they will be coming alongside the nominees and teaching and supporting them. Pray also for those nominated. There’s a reason why a man is said to enter the ‘trials of ordination,’ when he begins the process of ascertaining a call to the session or diaconate. It is tough. Lord willing, we hope to have elections and installations in the winter of 2024.  If you have any questions about the process, don’t hesitate to ask.

Children’s and Youth Ministry

The Lord is adding to the number of children and youth we have. With that blessing comes the great privilege of walking alongside parents to help shepherd and teach. A few weeks ago, Jimmy and I had a meeting with the parents and announced that as we move to the fall, we are hoping to begin Sunday School for younger ages. And throughout the summer, the youth girls have gotten together for fellowship and time in the Word. Pray for wisdom to know how best to organize and expand these ministries in the immediate future and more long-term.

Inquirer’s Class

From January to June, God has blessed CPC with several new folks. We just finished an Inquirer’s Class, with three family units, and there are three more that want to go through another as we approach September. Pray for their assimilation into the life of our church. Have them over into your home. Get to know them. And ask God to bring us more.


As we move into July, I wanted to give you a heads up on a few things. We have the blessing of hosting a joint evening worship service July 16, with our sister PCA churches in Cherokee County, along with Hope PCA in north Cobb. If the evening service is not a part of your regular Lord’s Day activity, this would be a good time to start, if you are able. I will be out of the pulpit for the rest of the month of July, except for that evening service. The session kindly gave me a two-week writing break, to work on a project for Reformation Heritage Books. The works of Samuel Rutherford are being republished, and I was asked to write an introduction to one of the volumes. I have been working on it this week and will continue to do so next as well. The last couple of weeks of July, Melody and I will be celebrating our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary in Florida with our kids.

Truly, we have experienced a cornucopia of blessings. And I have only hit the tip of the iceberg. Praise the Lord for his kindness and grace.  

—Pastor Clif