February 08, 2024

Brothers and Sisters,


Over the last two weeks, in the morning sermon, we have explored the topic of marriage. Both being made in the image of God, husbands and wives have particular roles. And the main reason for that is not simply because ‘it will help the marriage run more smoothly.’ If you have been married for a while, you know roles can make things more difficult. A wife’s role of helpmate and submission puts her in a vulnerable position. There are times when that is challenging. And a husband’s charge to lead can put tremendous pressure on him. A fear of failure can paralyze him. Often these are issues husbands and wives must work through with mutual respect, patience, and love for each other.


But God gave roles for more than just mere functionality or utility. Roles reflect Christ and his work for his Bride. As husbands and wives faithfully undertake their calling in the marriage, it is meant to picture Christ for his people. Marriage has a witnessing aspect to it. The union of man and woman in holy matrimony serves to point to Gospel truths for a Gospel needy world. 1 Peter 3:1-7 provides helpful instruction regarding roles and their higher purpose. I encourage you to listen to the sermons again and continue to glean from the truths found in the passage. You can find those sermons on our website linked here. For the sermon entitled ‘The Beautiful Wife,’  you can skip to the 29.56 mark in the video. The sermon starts there. May the Lord bless the marriages of CPC for generations to come, that Christ would be exalted, all for his praise.


—Pastor Clif